Strejda left Aunt

The aunt was incredibly sad when she learned that her husband was unfaithful to her. Everything happened in the end so far until uncle moved out. His life has changed completely. He rode now on the wheel, in a modern Silvin jersey, and began to take care of himself. When my aunt had been "pulled" on the bike before, he didn't want him to tell her that she wouldn't be a sport. And suddenly, with a new and younger partner, it will come as a perfect idea and be showing off.
My friend is a pro
My friend is a pro. Cyclists, who have the perfect conditions in the family and parental support for their sport, but also, of course, the perfect and professional clothing from Silvini, which is inherently one of her wardrobe. You could say that sportswear wears a lot more often than skirts or trousers. That's definitely the most obvious. But she doesn't mind. When he dresses in sports, he puts his glasses on and puts on his bike, he is happiest.