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Tune in to a wave of well-being, unleash the pulse radio and make the day a great music that you can listen to continuously twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And this includes all the holidays, we're just always with you.
Radio Impuls, it is a continuous flow of entertainment, music, news and above all also a great game that you surely all know well and it is a game hello, this is impulses. Play with us for impeccable prizes, registration is very easy, just send a short text message called. or fill in a simple login form on the radio website. Then just wait for the happiness to smile on you and whether you win.

Listen to Radio Online
Get your favorite Impuls radio, wherever you are in the world, just have a computer and an Internet connection. Visit our website and you only need one click on the relevant link and our music and entertainment will be also at your side.