Mácha Lake Chalets

Mácha's Lake Cottage is directly designed for those who want to visit the prettiest places from the Liberec region and enjoy a peaceful holiday.
We offer you a great stay in a quiet environment, which is suitable not only for children. If you are a lover of nature, Mácha's Lake chalets are the ideal place, do not hesitate to book a stay with us in the Elite Cottage, we are sure that you will not regret and would like to return to us after your first stay.
A lake you'll love
Just a few minutes from our Chalet village Elite there is the famous Mácha Lake, which is completely unique and charming. In the midst of this huge lake, which is actually a pond, there are two islands, its total area is 284 hectares. Our chalets are so ideal for lovers of water fun-pedal boats, boating, but also a tour of the steamboat, all this is possible. Feel free to visit Mácha's Lake huts!