It’s fun

With a drop of alcohol you will get even better
The Teacher of music education is looking for a new form of teaching for older pupils. She would like to make them happy with something new, she would like to teach the game, she would like to somehow delight and support her pupils of singers. The inscription on the internet fell into her eye-karaoke lyrics. Bingo!
Make your moments more enjoyable with your friends
What is it, it long ago knows, but to use this funny in music education? Well, that's a good idea. For an hour of music education is already a day on it armed with an interesting apparatus-microphones, CD and DVD technology, along with karaoke texts on the disc.
Learning by playing
Already Jan Ámos Komenský has made the motto "School of Play". Where else better to apply it than in singing. The hour is really unforgettable, cheerful and everyone likes to sing. Especially because they can choose the karaoke lyrics at will. So even the biggest grump can sing here/or rather "remap"/. Do you like it? Nothing prevents you from trying it too.