Efforts to connect the old with the new

In the time of ecological and solar boom, of course, efforts were made to combine the advantages of winter gardens with the advantages of solar panels and to try to heat up for residential parts of the house. However, this effect does not appear in our conditions, because sunny winter days are very few in our circumstances and in the summer, when there is enough, the need for additional heating of the building is meaningless, perhaps only the use to obtain hot water gives a sense in the summer. Therefore, building a garden just for the purpose of obtaining heat is an ineffective waste of resources.
Benefits mainly in extending the comfort of living
So a meaningful reason for thinking about construction can be only mentioned thermal insulation of the building, protection from the weather influences and especially the psychological action of two advantages of these constructions. It extends the season when a person can come out of the building and spend time in direct sunlight, while staying in, basically, a natural environment.